About the Mancos Creative District

We are a catalyst in creating a vibrant and sustainable economic hub benefitting the Mancos Valley by empowering our diverse creative community and honoring our rich cultural heritage.

Meeting in the spring of 2014, locals began to work with Colorado Creative Industries on becoming a certified Creative District. Mancos is a unique melting pot of artists and artisans, farmers, ranchers, local independent businesses and visitors.

We believe that a thriving creative district can, through working collaboratively with the entire community, further the economic development of our small, rural Colorado town. With each project and event we seek to help create a thriving future for our community.

Our Board

  • T.J. Zark / President
  • Clara Martinez / Vice President
  • Chelsea Lunders / Secretary
  • Betsy Harrison / Treasurer
  • Armida Huerta
  • Nathan Osgood
  • Tim Walsworth

Powered by volunteers and partners

The Mancos Creative District is a partnership between the many businesses, individuals and organizations that so enrich the Mancos community. Namely, the Mancos Common Press, the Town of Mancos, the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Mancos Valley Historical Society, the Mancos Public Library District, Mancos School of the West, Mancos Valley Resources, Mount Lookout Grange, the Mancos School District, and numerous galleries and restaurants within the district.


In keeping with the mission, the Creative District has been committed to the success of the Mancos School of the West, a unique local arts school.

The school was launched in 2014 to create a platform for area artists to teach from their home studios or outdoors in the beautiful Mancos Valley. These special environments add to student engagement and the enjoyment of their creative experiences.

The school is a non-profit entity run entirely by volunteers. We hope you find some classes and workshops to lift you to new level in your creative ambitions, and enjoy your time in and around Mancos.

These six goals were developed with the feedback from our community

Goal #1:

Leverage the Mancos Creative District to create economic vitality and promote job creation.

Goal #2:

Engage the community and its youth in promoting social cohesiveness and understanding through cultural activities.

Goal #3:

Build a stronger collective creative community.

Goal #4:

Beautify the Mancos community to attract visitors, help businesses thrive and improve the community’s image.

Goal #5:

Celebrate and honor the cultural heritage of the Mancos Valley.

Goal #6:

Develop a sustainable creative district so that it can continue to promote the Mancos Valley for years to come.

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