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We believe that creative endeavors are vital to a thriving local economy.  We also believe that creative experiences can inspire connection, collaboration, and shared understandings that lift every single member of our community.

We recognize the great need for support in launching new creative ideas, building on what has been created, and taking the kinds of creative risks that catalyze the vibrancy and connection that we know our community has to offer.

For this reason, we are offering funding to members of the Mancos Valley who are interested in leading creative projects of all kinds.  If you live in the 81328 zip code you can apply for up to $1000.  Some examples of the costs that we can help cover for your project include:

  • Supplies – art supplies and other types of supplies
  • Training or workshops to prepare you to create something
  • Space rental or studio time
  • Covering your time or the time of another artist to offer a creative experience to the community
  • Marketing costs to promote a creative business or individual
  • This is not an exhaustive list – if you have other costs you want to get covered, tell us about it

Email Chelsea Lunders / Executive Director


Hello! Tell us how to contact you.

Just your general information.
Me, myself or more?(Required)
Are you applying as an individual or are you affiliated with an organization or business?
Up to $1000 is available per request.

Tell us all about it!

Describe your project including 1) your project goals, 2) who will be involved or served by the project, 3) what activities will take place, and 4) what costs (items) will be paid for with this grant. (250 words)
Please estimate the start and end dates you are aiming for.

How do we align?

To be eligible for this grant we ask that projects align with one or more of our mission-driven focus areas. The Mancos Creative District’s focus areas are:
  • Inspiring Collective Creative Experiences – Does your project bring people together around creative expression? MCD mini grants fund projects that involve collaborative components and inspire connection within the Mancos community.
  • Fostering Conditions for Learning with the Arts – Does your project provide a learning component to a group within the Mancos community through a creative project of some kind? MCD mini grants fund projects that give the community opportunities to learn new things with art. Some funding is specifically reserved to support youth-oriented projects.
  • Celebrating Diverse Peoples & Natural Landscapes – Does your project amplify the specialness of our community through an art form? MCD mini grants fund projects that celebrate and highlight our local culture.
  • Growing Creative Economies – Does your project help our local economy by promoting creative businesses or individuals? MCD mini grant fund projects to help artists and artisans grow a business and promote the creative economy.
Please include a brief description of how your project supports this focus area. (250 words)
Approved applicants will be required to provide a one-page report on the results you got out of the project. Reports are used to help us sustain funding for future mini-grants. Report timing will vary based on your project’s timelines. (Respond Yes/No)
MCD would like to share your project in our monthly newsletter, website, social media, and annual report. Are you willing to communicate updates and details? (Respond Yes/No)
If you like MCD to help promote your project via social media, please provide details on what kind of promotional support you would need.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your project? (Response optional)

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