Kit FrostPhotography, Fiber Arts, Basket Making

Aunt Kit’s Knits

Kit’s life is about making art, and has had an awesome career as a photography, teacher and is now an Artist in Residence in our National Parks. Kit takes the time to explore glorious locations in our world and share them in photos, paintings, video and still images, time lapse, on social networks and on her website and instagram. Kit moved to Mancos a few years ago and still maintains a studio in the Smiley Building in Durango. Kit Frost has been the Artist in Residence at Crater Lake National Park, Acadia National Park, Glacier and Mesa Verde, Capitol Reef National Parks, and the Bighorn National Recreation Area, Yellowstone, Willowtail in Mancos.



1309 East 3rd Avenue
Studio 26
Durango, CO 81301

Find me at:
Galleries and Locations throughout the USA, at our National Parks and at my home in Mancos and Studio in Durango

Photography, Fiber Arts, Hand-Dyed Yarns, Basket Making, Weaving, Knitting

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