FIRE & FEASTING / August 27-October 15th


This Friday program will introduce youth to blacksmithing, metalworking, and the ancient art of cooking with fire!

August 27-October 15th
9 AM- 2 PM, Fridays
Mancos Makers Space

Materials, Tools, and Lunch provided

Open to students age 14-18
$250 per student
Scholarships available
Minimum 6 students

Students will build skillets, spits, grills, skewers, spatulas, and more using blacksmithing and welding techniques, then learn about how cultures around the world cook things over the fire. The program will culminate with a community feast for friends and family members using our homemade cooking implements and locally sourced foods on October 16th.

To register, contact Dana Timmons
(970) 533-9164

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