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Join today and become an active part of a growing community of passionate and creative individuals. Enrich your life through transformative experiences and access opportunities to engage and delight others. Through your membership and participation we are able to provide support and experiences that benefit our local community.

  • Artists & Makers & Growers
    $30/ Yearly
    Online Directory Listing
    Display web page with info & up to 3 images
    Annual Social Media Spotlight
    Event Exhibit Opportunities  
  • Businesses & Galleries
    $100/ Yearly
    Online directory listing
    Feature page with location, contact, and business information with up to 10 images
      Quarterly social media spotlights
    Marketing opportunities at events
  • Friends & Sponsors
    $175+/ Yearly
    Giving feels good and does good. Your sponsorship makes our work possible and your gift touches lives in many ways. Thank you for your generous support
    We would like to list on our Friends & Sponsors page

If you have joined as an Artist or Maker

Please use this form to submit your information and photos of you and your work.

If you have joined as a Business or Gallery

Please use this form to submit your information and photos of your business.

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