Suzanne Velasquez
Benson, Arizona

Traveling all the way from Forever Home Donkey Rescue & Sanctuary in Benson, AZ to put a smile on your face is Koshare!  Named after the Hopi trickster, he may not have the traditional rattle or drum, but he is sure to make his presence known to all by his jubilant bray and the crash and smash ruckus of moving his fence panels hither and yon.  Back in Arizona, he is an accomplished burro racer with several titles to his name, and he’s looking forward to seeing what all this obstacle business is about.  He’s confident he’ll be able to dominate the course, or at the very least, he is sure he will entertain you with his attempts.


Finn Stanifer
Durango, Colorado

Ziggy is 6 year old a wild donkey that has been trained by his friend, Finn Stanifer; a Colorado native fly fisherman, fly tyer, and backpacker of the southwest. Ziggy loves to go on adventures with Finn, whether it be the Pine or the Canejos.

Along with the occasional carrot, these two love to be outside and go on wondrous adventures. Recently, Ziggy has been ready for summer and a pack-load of adventures to embark on with Finn. Hopefully, they will find some new treasures along the way.


Handler Mary Ann Griffin
Durango, Colorado

Hello!  My name is Arlo.  I was born near Gerlack, Nevada, in the mountains surrounding Black Rock Desert.  It was there I first observed thousands of you people at a crazy gathering you call Burning Man.  I watched you from afar in the safety of my mountains and I quickly surmised you people were way more wild than us so-called wild donkeys.

Later, I ended up being adopted by my human partner.  We have a good time and I know she really likes and cares about me.  She doesn’t even mind how much I like to tease her.  She tells me she thinks she was a donkey in another lifetime … I’ve thought long and hard about that idea and I’d have to say that in my past life I really think I was … well … a donkey!  Thanks so much folks, for having a party for all us donkeys today!


David Temple
Trail Canyon Ranch in McElmo Canyon

Lillie Mae made a big impression during last year’s BurroFest by advising Seniors that being FIRST is not important – being THERE is what matters. Then she turned around and came in third place! 

Lillie Mae is THIRTY YEARS YOUNG this year and plans to pit her wisdom against the energy of her younger competitors. 


Marianne Marachesano
Mancos, Colorado

Sweet Dulcinea has dreamed of fame and looks forward to meeting her artist, posing sublimely with her luscious lady lumps, a generous helping in her trunk fo’ sure!

A 20-year-old female donkey that has lived her life with llamas. She is a llama lover for sure. Sweet and willing we love her at Story Tree Ranch. She has an addiction, to carrots, and will do anything to earn one. Ah, the secret of our success!


Rianne Page
Flagstaff, Arizona

Oh, Lawd have MERCY, look what’s rolling into Mancos! Colorado has trouble of Mammoth proportions with this not-so-little lady afoot. 

Mercy has traveled all the way from Flagstaff, Arizona to make her debut in the 2022 BurroFest. She’s here to show those standard donkeys how it’s done, and tell those mini-burros that SIZE MATTERS. 


India Hesse
Tucson, AZ

It might be her first time at Mancos BurroFest, but Nellie is here from Tucson to show everyone who sparkles brightest! Raised—quite literally—by a pack of wolves, and fueled for years on candy, this mini jenny recently experienced a health awakening, trading candy for cactus. She’s lean, sometimes mean, and here to show Freya and Hamilton who the real star is.


Rachael Brashears
Cave Creek, AZ

Freya La’BRAYa is just your average, everyday, ordinary labra-donkey: more lap-sized cuddly house dog in spirit and mind than a satellite-eared braying burro. This mystical void of a creature was spawned in the bitty desert town of Beatty, Nevada before being adopted from the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program and moving to the quaint town of Cave Creek, Arizona. Last year Freya took the title of “Best Costume” with her elaborate Bedouin attire but she was bested by Team Hamilton in the obstacle course. This year she aims to carry on with a marvelous wardrobe but more importantly: beat Hamilton at the skill of backing up.


Chuck Wales
Durango, CO

Born in the wild, my herd birth name was Oogashocka Oogashocka, which loosely translates to ’Most Majestic Prince of All Living Creatures, Large and Small, of the entire Nevada desert’.  My mom and dad were King and Queen of the vast Nevada herd.

But one day, while I was surveying my future domain and braying my morning song to the new dawn, helicopters snuck up from behind and took me away.  To prison. In Canon City.  It looked hopeless.  My royalty was ignored, then forgotten.

But one day, Bond – Agent Bond,
Broke me out of jail,
Paid my bail
So I could get my tail
Up on to the trail!
Now I don’t know, but I’ve been told
A middle-aged donkey ain’t got no soul
But I gotta go and be bold
No matter the cold
Gotta break the mold
Know when to hold
Know when to fold
And gotta go help rescue the gold!


Molly Stanifer
Sugarloaf, Colorado

Gaspard brings real “savior faire” to the trail.  He’s named for a distant cousin who plies along the Stevenson Trail in the French Cevennes.  Gaspard hails from Sugarloaf west of Boulder with his owner, Dave Daney, author of “Packing with Burros.” Mr. Daney raced Gaspard during the first BurroFest in 2019. This year, however, his granddaughter, Molly Stanifer, is setting out with Gaspard on a new adventure with sites set on besting her brother, Finn, and his burro Ziggy.


Barbara Murray
Mancos, CO

Danika was rescued this past April from an auction in Texas.  Each morning as I crawl out of bed, I am now greeted by a loud bray from across the field. Burros are very feeling animals that don’t like to be alone and I am convinced those big ears are equipped with radar. My first glance at Danny had my heart on fire and I knew that together we were going to do something special with our lives. And here we are Newbies to Mancos and blessed to share our fine-tuned skills during the annual BurroFest.


Kelly Smith
Yuma, AZ

Returning to Mancos from Yuma, Arizona for the third time, and his second BurroFest is your 2021 Crowd Favorite: HAMILTON! First and foremost he’d like to assure all of you, his fans, that you’re all his favorites as well. He loves each and every one of you and is thrilled to give you the opportunity to see him today. He joins you today to defend his crown and settle his beef with Freya La’BRAYa by proving that he is still the undisputed backing champion (a skill he is known for across the southwest). He can’t wait to visit with you all in Artist Alley!


Gretchen Botha
Hesperus, Colorado

Alice is a sassy little gal of 3 1/2 years.  She made a surprise appearance in the Botha barn one November night and quickly made her way into the hearts of her family.  She is a cautiously curious, loving little ass who loves to go on outings with her humans. This is her THIRD Mancos BurroFest.  This year she plans to keep moving up in rank with an eye on first place. Her human will be happy to simply cross the finish line and take home the Last Ass Award.

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