Hello Creatives!

The Mancos Creative District & Alpacka Raft are excited to be announcing the Mancos Mask-R-AID Project! Here is your chance to show off your creativity and help out the Mancos Creative District at the same time. Keep reading if you are interested….

Here is how it works:

  • You request and obtain a kit of 8 ‘blank,’ unsewn (flat) mask pieces (fabric donated and ultimately sewn by Alpacka Raft)
  • YOU get to design and decorate them with fabric paint.
  • We find that Tulip pens work the best.
  • When you finish painting the masks, you return them, where Sheri Tingey, co-owner of Alpacka Raft has generously offered to sew them up with the help of her awesome staff.
  • They will then be auctioned off on-line to raise money for the Mancos Creative District. Let us know if you would like a kit, and we’ll put one aside for you to pick up. Hurry, there are currently only 6 available at this time. When they are gone, we will put your name on a waiting list while Sheri and her staff cut more fabric and pack more kits. We’ll contact you when your kit is ready to pick up in Mancos.

Just think about YOUR ART being worn on a mask all over the county and beyond. AND, how you selflessly donated your time and creativity to the Mancos Creative District by participating in such a timely project!

If you are interested, please contact Corey here at this email or text armida at 650-207-6101 to get your kit today.

Thanks for your support of the Mancos Creative District!

Corey Hiseler
Secretary / Mancos Creative District

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